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Will the next station be in the past or the future?

Momotaros! Climax inside me!

Nogami Ryoutarou (野上 良太郎)
26 December 1988
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((very_verydanger roleplay journal for campfuckudie! sotopped))
a little cream with that, all climax all the time, apologies to the timestream, being completely hetero really, being forcefully entered, being taken in my sleep, can't escape my homo-fashions, changing my hair color, choo fucking choo, color-coded coffee, deneb's crotch candy, denliner, don't eat the electric eel!, dressing like a girl, drr drr drr, eh? a chick?, everybody act straight!, fail/me/wataru threesome, gay amusement park outings, gay dates with my sister's boyfriend, getting puppies to the vet, hana-san, hana-san's bazooka, homofabulous coffee, homosexual cosby sweaters, homotaros-- i mean. momotaros, i can make it! real action, impromptu flights to mexico, it's good it's good it's great, joyrides in my bod, kintaros, losing my virginity to a peach, magical rainbow happy-time friends, multi-coloured mpd, my sister's boyfriend, my token het; my niece, nee-san's babydaddy, niecefuck niecefuck it's awwwright, not biking up a tree, party@myinsides, punching the timestream, raping the timestream, round trip tickets, ryuutaros, sakurai-san, secret gay pimp hats, sentai cancer, sieg, star-gazing (with my sister's boyfriend), straight like a gay penguin, super rainbow animal pals, they're breakdance fighting!!, this badass train, this hole was made for you, tortilla~~~~, urataros, wataru's fine tight ass, wearing feather boas, when they climax, yuuto's sweet mullet